best resistance band exercises for strength

The 12 Best Resistance Band Exercises for Strength

In the words of Juicy J, bandz make her dance. Resistance bands also help you get more jacked and tan, build strength and enhance fat loss. Unlike many of the other popular gym gadgets of the last several years, resistance bands can be highly beneficial if you use them right. In today’s article, you’ll learn the 12 best resistance band exercises for strength to take your training and results to the next level.

Let’s dig in.

Using The Best Resistance Band Exercises for Strength

Resistance bands are a great training tool because they are portable, easy to set up, and can add another level to the resistance curve/or make an exercise easier.

However,  resistance bands shouldn’t be applied to every single exercise in the gym. Don’t finish reading this article and then immediately start performing banded walking lunges or banded tricep kick backs. I’ll show you which exercises work really well with resistance bands so you can begin implementing them into your own programs.

Who Are They For?




And, simply put, people who want to get stronger, leaner, and in better shape.

They aren’t just for one type of fitness enthusiast or gym-goer. However, the way you use them may be different depending on your goals.

I can think of three primary ways to use resistance bands in your training.

  1. For hypertrophy/pump work and or warm ups and low joint stress exercises. Using a band for things like pull aparts or face pulls is a great way to add resistance to these exercises without needing access to a machine or gym.
  2. As an overload tool–on certain exercises such as the deadlift against bands, the tension or weight would become greater the closer you get to lockout. This is one example of how you could use a band set up to increase the weight at the top of this movement.
  3. As an assistance tool–You could use resistance bands on pullups to make them a bit easier to help you build strength. You can also use bands for a reverse band squat, bench press or deadlift. With the reverse band set-up, the bands are attached at the top of the rack and help to assist during the toughest part of a certain exercise (in the hole on a heavy squat, for example).

Depending on the set-up, resistance bands can help during an exercise, or they can make an exercise more difficult. This is why they’re such a useful training tool and can be used on many of the best exercises.

The 12 Best Resistance Band Exercises for Strength

In this section, I’m gonna show you the good stuff.

Aka, the 12 best resistance band exercises for strength.

These aren’t the only exercises you can do with resistance bands but should give you a pretty good idea of how to set them up depending on the purpose (hypertrophy, assistance, overload).

Band Pull Aparts

Band Face Pulls

Bent Over Band Rear Delt Raise

Banded Hip Thrust

Band Assisted Pullup/Chin Up

Banded Pushup

DB Bench Press vs. Bands

Bench Press vs. Band

Used to increase tension further from the chest. The weight will be heaviest at the top (easiest portion of the bench) and lightest at the bottom (tougher spot for most people).

Deadlift vs. Band (for overload/more weight at the top of the lift)

Reverse Band Bench Press

You can use this set-up to allow you to handle heavier weights because the bands will assist you at the hardest part of the lift (chest or off the chest).

Reverse Band Squat (used to assist in handling heavier loads)

Reverse Band Deadlift

Used to allow you to pick up heavier weights off the floor because the tension of the band is pulling up on the bar.

Implementing the Best Resistance Band Exercises for Strength

As I mentioned earlier, you don’t want your entire training session to only use bands. You should use them in specific portions of your training program to build muscle and strength.

  • For muscle gains, you can use bands on things like DB bench presses to give you a stronger contraction at the top of the press and to force you to push through those sticking points. Try to use the 6-12 rep range mostly and around 60-80% intensity.
  • For building strength and applying band training more towards bringing up your squat, bench and deadlift, you could utilize the overload band set up (bench press vs. band) or the reverse band set up (reverse band squat).
  • If you want to work on driving through sticking points or building strength through the toughest part of the lift, then you can use the resisted band set up to do that. Anywhere from 1-6 reps can be useful here depending on the specific goal and implementation of the bands in your training program.
  • Reverse bands will allow you to handle heavier weights because you’ll be supporting the full weight at the start of the lift and essentially ‘deloading’ some of the weight at the hardest part of the exercise. This is great if you’ve got a powerlifting meet coming up and want to ‘feel’ heavier weights on your back or in your hands.

The Best Resistance Band Exercises for Strength–That’s a Wrap

You can begin implementing these exercises into your training program right away.

Like, right now.

Pick and choose the ones that’ll be most specific for your goals and enjoy the gains.

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