3 Workout Methods to Strengthen and Define Your Arms, Shoulders and Glutes

The hip thrust exercise, made popular by Bret Contreras, has completely revolutionized the fitness industry.

And over the years I’ve developed my own fitness system that utilizes the hip thrust and a variety of other methods to help blast fat and boost muscle.

In today’s article I want to show you:

-a shoulder specialization workout that’ll give you the shape and definition you want

-a new glute exercise you’ve (probably) never tried before

-a cool new way to train your arms in less than 7 minutes

At the end, you’ll get a free 30-day glute specialization program to sculpt and build your glutes.

The Shoulder Specialization Routine

Developing sculpted shoulders comes down to selecting the right exercises, loads, and frequencies.

Because the shoulders are comprised of smaller muscles, they respond best to higher volumes and lighter weights. Now don’t take this to mean you’ll only be lifting 5lb dumbbells. You will need to work hard and challenge yourself.

Give the routine below a shot if you want more shape and definition. The effectiveness lies in training all 3 heads of the deltoid. This allows the shoulder to become developed from the front, side, and rear for the perfect three-dimensional shape and definition we’re looking for. 

[Quick note: before you begin the workout it’s a good idea to get some blood flow and warm up your joints.]

Do these 3 exercises to prime your shoulders for a solid session.

1) Band Pull Aparts x 20

2) Super Light DB Overhead Presses x 20

3) Standing Lateral Raises x 20 (light for blood flow)

The Workout

A1) Standing Overhead Barbell Press 4×8-10

B1) DB Standing Lateral Raises 4×12

B2) DB Upright Row 4×12

C1) Chest Supported Rear Delt Raises 4×15-20

C2) Cable Face Pulls 4×20

If your shoulders are lacking, do this routine at least twice per week. You can incorporate it right into your current program. If you choose to use this more than one day a week, use dumbbells for A1 on your second day. This will decrease some stress on your joints and allow for more growth and progress.

A Cool New Glute Exercise You’ve (Probably) Never Tried Before

There are a million exercises you can do for your glutes.

The banded pull-through is one you’ve (probably) never done before.

By using a band as your means of resistance, you are forced to flex your glutes hard in order to fully lockout the exercise. This maximal contraction of the glutes is a sure-fire way to blast through any plateaus in the booty department.

Watch this quick tutorial video to see how it’s performed:

Important technique tips

  1. Be sure to hold the band firmly with both hands.
  2. Focus on moving your hips and butt forward as you lockout
  3. Don’t use your back to complete the movement. Pretend you’re doing a Romanian deadlift and hinge at the hips.
  4. Your feet width can vary, so experiment with the foot placement that feels best for you.

Do these at the end of every lower body workout for 2-4 sets of 15-20 reps. Fair warning, though, these will burn like hell.

7 Under 7 Arm Blaster

Do you want to tone up and shape your arms in an efficient time frame?


Below is my ‘7 exercises under 7 minutes’ arm specific routine. The great thing about this is you can throw it right at the end of any upper body workout, or if you’re short on time it can be done on its own as well.

You’re going to perform the 7 exercises below in sequence with very minimal rest in between each.

A1) Rope Cable Curl x 15

A2) Rope Triceps Pushdown x15

A3) Barbell Curl x10

A4) EZ Bar Skullcrusher x10

A5) Seated DB Hammer Curl x12

A6) Overhead Cable Triceps Extension x12

A7) Band Curls OR Band Pushdowns (pick bicep or triceps depending on what you’d rather work on more) x100 total reps in fewest sets possible

You will need to move quickly through these, however, do not sacrifice good form for speed. Focus on feeling your biceps and triceps doing the work. Pick weights that are challenging, yet still allow you to get the prescribed reps.

The goal is to do as many complete rounds as you can in 7 minutes or less. Perform A7 when you’ve done A1-A6 for at least 6 minutes (ideally, 2-3 rounds).

If you’re able to complete 2-3 rounds of these first 6 exercises, your arms will be screaming. In a good way, though.

Free 30-Day Glute Specific Program


Do you need to shake things up a bit to kick start your glute building progress? Simply replace your regular lower body workouts with these glute specific routines and you’ll be well on your way to stronger, better-looking glutes that you’ll be damn proud of.

Enter your email below and I’ll send you my glute sculpting workouts within 60 seconds.

Train hard and enjoy the gains!

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