What Makes a Great Client?

Personal training tends to be very seasonal in nature. The summers are quieter while people are on vacation and back to school brings many newcomers to the gym. This shift in clientele presents varying challenges for trainers. The best clients are not just the ones who experience the most dramatic results. I’d like to discuss […]

Train to Get Strong for Maximal Results

Amanda joins the local commercial gym looking to get in shape. Her typical routine consists of endless amounts of cardio on the elliptical, treadmill, and stairmaster. She does spin three times a week and her strength training routine is virtually nonexistent. She does high rep, low weight exercises so she doesn’t become “bulky.” She continues […]

On the go training made simple

I train many clients who are often out of town for work or business. While this can be a challenge in terms of getting quality training sessions, I want to provide some tips for making the most of your time while away from home. In an ideal situation there will be gyms to choose from, […]

Make the Most out of Machines

For one reason or another, machines get a bad rap with those in the fitness industry. They are scorned for not being “functional”, and are often viewed as a waste of time and energy. They can most certainly become “functional” if your goals are bigger muscles, bringing up weak body parts, rehabbing an injury, or […]

Under the Bar

My interest in strength and conditioning began soon after my 2nd year in college. Having played baseball my entire life up until that point, I was intrigued by the value of building strength and improving my performance on the mound. When I first started out with weight training I didn’t know about much more than […]

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