The Best Fitness Reads of the Week (3/12)

It’s Sunday again which means I’ve got another solid list of fitness articles to dig into.


Articles by Me

This is an older post, but one that a lot of people seemed to enjoy. If you haven’t seen it before, give it a read.
Top Articles of the Week
  1. Are Close Stance Squats Really More Quad-Dominant? via Greg N
  2. I Finally Broke Up With My Scale via Neghar F
  3. A New Way to Build Your Traps via Ryan W (me!)
  4. We Don’t Live in a Bubble via Tony G
  5. Old Man Training via Alex V
  6. 3 Tips for More Effective and Pain-Free Lunges via Ryan W (me!)
  7. Stop Squatting Through That Painful Hip Pinch! via Andrew M
  8. Hamstring Training Tips for Hypertrophy via Mike I
  9. Overhead for Older Dudes and Dudettes via Dean S
  10. Hate to Run? You Can Still Hit These High-Intensity Interval Workouts via Amy D
Sunday Quick Tip
When you’re at the gym don’t focus on what other people look like or whether they’re doing something wrong.
Instead, put your focus on executing good quality reps in your own training session and improving yourself.
I know it can be easy to see someone else who might be in great shape and wonder why you don’t look like that person. But here’s the thing…you don’t know how long they’ve been training and you don’t have their genetics.
So instead of getting discouraged, be positive and do your best to work hard.
Because nothing will beat hard work in the long run.

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