The Best Fitness Reads of the Week (3/26)

Another solid week in the books! I’ve got a great list of fitness articles for you to dig through ­čÖé

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Top Articles of the Week

  1. The Difference Between Training for Strength and Training for Hypertrophy via Joy V
  2. Your Weekend Splurges are Ruining Your Weight Loss Efforts via Dr. Spencer N
  3. Your Questions, My Answers: Rep Speed, Low VS High Reps, Clean Dieting via Charles S
  4. Should Your Client Be Deadlifting From the Floor?  via Dean S
  5. 5 Mistakes Women Make With Strength Training (And How to Correct Them) via Nia S
  6. Progress is Progress and Fat Loss is Not Linear via Stacey S
  7. The Abdominal Rollout: Common Mistakes and Progressions via Tony G
  8. Quick Tips for More Pressing Strength via Ryan W 
  9. What to Do When You Don’t Like Vegetables via Precision Nutrition
  10. Open Your Hips and Improve Mobility with This Simple Drill via Ryan W

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