The Best Fitness Reads of the Week (4/23)

I’ve got a fresh batch of the top fitness reads of the week for you to dig through this Sunday.

I just hit send on this bad boy from my local Starbucks.

Speaking of, what do you think about the outrage over the new unicorn drink?

Seems silly to me that people get so bothered by a drink. Maybe it’s just me.

Enjoy this week’s list.

PS the unicorn drink is sold out here by the way 😉

Top Articles of the Week

  1. My Wish for Female Fitness: Less Talk About Less via Tony G
  2. Wheat Belly Deception: Understanding Wheat, Insulin and Fat Loss via Adam B
  3. Disliking Your Body Doesn’t Have to be ‘Part of Being a Woman via Nia S
  4. 1 Exercise, 7 Ways to Build Legs and Glutes: Everything You Need to Know About Lunges via Nick T
  5. The Truth About Physique Transformations (How to Lose Fat the Right Way) via Bryan K
  6. Too Little Time! 5 Tips to Exercise Efficiently via Gregory G
  7. How Bench Press Technique Impacts Shoulder Health via Eric C
  8. Nutrition Tips While Traveling via Nick S
  9. Ugly Ab Training via Christian T

Summer is Coming

It’s true.

Summer will be here before we know it and a lot of people will be scrambling at the last minute to get *summer ready*, whatever that means.

To me, looking and feeling confident during the summer is a great feeling but it’s something that takes time. It certainly doesn’t happen overnight.

That’s the exact reason why I’m kicking off my online summer fat loss program, Leaner, (Not Bigger), on May 15th.

  • Registration for the program will be May 3rd-10th and spots will be limited because I’m a one man show and I can’t take on too many clients or else I won’t be able to give my best to each person.
  • I’ll likely cap the program at 10 members who are serious about getting into the best shape they’ve ever been in this summer.

Leaner, (Not Bigger) isn’t for just anyone, though. It’s specifically for people who simply want pure fat loss and who do not want to get bigger but want to get leaner and more defined so they can feel more confident this summer.

  • You *won’t* get big or bulky with this program. If you’re at all worried about gaining too much size with this program you can rest easy because I can assure you it won’t happen.
  • However, if you want to lose some extra body fat that you’ve been wanting to get rid of for as long as you can remember, this program *might* be a good fit.

I’ll have more of the specific requirements of my program in the coming week, so if you’re at all interested in shaping up for summer without having to worry about getting bigger or adding more muscle, stay tuned.

*And, if you’re on my email list (which you can join right below), you’ll get a special rate for the entire summer coaching program.*

Get Leaner, (Not Bigger) This Summer

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