The Best Fitness Reads of the Week (4/30)

It’s Sunday again which can only mean one of two things.

Coffee or bacon. I prefer both.

Anyway, I’ve got a chock full list of the top fitness content from this past week for you to dig through.

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Articles by Me

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Top Articles of the Week

  1. Is a Calorie Really Just a Calorie? via Brian St. P
  2. Exercises You Should Be Doing: Off-Bench DB Press via Tony G
  3. 10 Ways to Get Better Sleep Today via Steve H
  4. 7 Things I Learned Getting to 10% Bodyfat (And How You Can, Too) via Ryan W (me)
  5. Stop Training Only Half of Your Hammies via Nick T
  6. Flat vs. Round Back Deadlift via Adam P
  7. Overhead Press Star Complexes via Christian T
  8. Why Everyone Needs to Deadlift via Johnny T
  9. Technique Tuesday: 2 More Tips for Better Kettlebell Swings via Tony B
  10. Triceps Hypertrophy Training Tips via Dr. Mike I

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