The Best Fitness Reads of the Week (4/9)

Enjoy this week’s list of the top fitness articles to help you get stronger, build more muscle, lose more fat and get into better shape.

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Now, onto the top reads of the week!

Top Articles of the Week

  1. 8 Takeaways From Complete Sports Conditioning via Eric C
  2. Beyond The Back Squat: 3 Squat Variations To Mix It Up via Meghan C
  3. Wedging Into The Bar For A Stronger Deadlift via Dean S
  4. How to Travel for Business or Vacation and Still Lose Fat via Bryan K
  5. To Lose Weight, All You Need Is Love via James F
  6. How to Perform the Bodysaw for Stronger Abs via Ryan W (me)
  7. 3 Fatal Flaws with MRV for Hypertrophy via Steve H
  8. Rear/Side Delt Training Tips for Hypertrophy via Dr. Mike I
  9. Exercises You Should Be Doing via Tony G
  10. Scapular Positioning During Press Exercises via Tony B

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