Client Spotlight

Today I’d like to highlight the success of my friend and client, Nita.

Nita and I have been working together since January 2014. Since then she has made tremendous progress through her continued hard work and dedication.

Here’s Nita in January when she first started training:

Before: 158lbs

January 2014

After: 138lbs


Can you say WOW!?

Not only has she lost 20lbs, but her body fat percentage has dropped 7% all while getting a ton stronger and feeling much better overall.

How did she do it?

We started her with 2 strength training days a week early on so that she could learn proper movement patterns and build confidence with lifting. We also addressed her nutrition and implemented strategies to keep her on track and accountable.

She now strength trains in the gym 4 days a week with very little cardio on off days. Much of the emphasis is placed on building solid nutritional habits to allow for continued progress.

Here is what she has to say about her journey thus far:

“I’ve been training with Ryan since January 2014 and he is absolutely amazing! He is super motivating, so even when I’m not in the mood to train I always get a great work out in. I’ve been trying to get in better shape for years on my own with very little progress. In the nine months I’ve been training with Ryan I have made huge progress with both losing weight and gaining strength. I never thought I would actually be able to successfully run a Tough Mudder until I started training with Ryan! His consistent positive feedback and encouragement has really helped me to make the lifestyle changes I needed to be in better shape!”


Working with Nita has truly been an honor. She is determined to accomplish her goals and is very receptive to feedback. I’m very proud of her efforts thus far!

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