Eat Carbs and Get Leaner (Not Bigger)

You should be able to eat carbs and get leaner. 

Even if you want to lose weight.

Too many people swear off carbs in hopes their six pack will appear faster than they could imagine. Unfortunately, cutting out all carbs isn’t going to make everything sunshine and rainbows.

Plus, if you’re anything like me, you love carbs.

In today’s post, I’m going to talk about why many people have it wrong when it comes to carbs and, most importantly, how you can still lose fat this summer while enjoying carbs.

[Pay attention close, because at the end of this article I’m going to tell you more about my summer rapid fat loss program, Leaner, (Not Bigger)]

You Can’t Eat Carbs and Get Leaner, Can You?

If you’ve checked out your local bookstore you’ve probably seen plenty of diet books lining the shelves. Most of them slamming carbs as the primary reason people get fat and put on weight.

(There are plenty of books like this that prey on the public and blame carbs for everything wrong in the world)

But, don’t be too quick to judge a book by its cover. You can eat carbs and get leaner.

Luckily for us carb lovers, we can ignore these books because they’re biased and spitting out bad information.

Below are common misconceptions about carbs and weight loss:

  • carbs will make you gain weight and fat
  • carbs are the sole reason for the obesity epidemic in America
  • if you want to lose weight you have to cut out carbs completely
  • if you do consume carbs, they have to be whole, unprocessed carbs or else your body will ‘reject’ them (this means no sugar of any kind)
  • don’t eat carbs after 6 o’clock
  • carbs will make you feel sluggish
  • you don’t need carbs for exercise and can be fueled just fine without them

The widespread beliefs above are *mostly* false. I say mostly because you *could* gain weight if you ate too many carbs, but only if you were eating too many calories.

So it’s calories that matter most. Get the full scoop on calories and creating your own fat loss diet HERE.

Here’s The Truth About Carbs

I love carbs because they’re delicious. Can you imagine life without ice cream, sushi, grits, or cereal?

Food, Sushi, Boat, Seafood, Japanese, Fish, Rice, Meal

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That’d be a sad, sad life in my opinion.

Here are some facts about carbs some people might overlook:

  • carbs are the main fuel source for exercise providing energy for daily activities such as lifting weights, walking, running, rock climbing etc.
  • they have less than half the calories per gram as fats do. So when people suggest eating fewer carbs but more fats it doesn’t make sense because you’d be eating more *total* calories.
  • they can be eaten even during a fat loss diet (I actually would encourage you to keep your carbs as high as you can as long as you’re dropping weight)
  • liver glycogen, the carbs that get stored in your liver, are important for mental clarity and brain function
  • carbs contain important vitamins and minerals which are beneficial to the development of your muscle tissue, bone health, and other important body functions

What does all this mean?

That You Can Eat Carbs and Still Lose Weight

And you should if you know what’s good for ya. Listen, you *could* cut out carbs completely to help you lose weight.

That might help you lose weight quick, but soon your workouts will suffer and you’ll be a grumpy pants all the time.

That’s no good.

Plus, why make dieting harder than it has to be? 

[Eat Carbs and Get Leaner for Summer]

In my upcoming Leaner, (Not Bigger) rapid fat loss program, you’ll get to enjoy your favorite carbs while losing body fat at the same time.

On May 3rd, I’m opening spots for online coaching clients that are focused on achieving their fat loss goals in time for summer.

There are so many people that worry about getting ‘bigger’ and ‘bulkier’ due to lifting weights.

I’ll tell you right now, this program is *not* designed to get you bigger. Its primary focus will be on stripping away body fat and defining muscle so that you feel toned and sexy just in time for summer.

This program is for you if you:

  • want to lose at least 10-15lbs of body fat in your hips, stomach, and thighs
  • are worried that lifting will get you bulky (you don’t have to worry here, this one is for pure fat loss)
  • want to get into great shape, feel better, look better, and move better
  • enjoy carbs and don’t want to give them up (I don’t blame you, here)
  • need an extra accountability boost and motivation to keep you on track so that you can reach your fat loss goals in time for summer
  • don’t want to be on a super strict diet just to lose weight (you just need to eat the right amounts and the results will come)
  • have some extra body fat that you’d like to tone up so you can feel confident in a bathing suit

This program is *not* for someone looking to build tons of muscle or size. That’s not the goal of this program at all.

But if you do want to drop unwanted body fat, increase your energy levels, feel better, and get more toned and defined, then drop your email below and you’ll be the first to know when the program goes live.

As an added bonus, all email subscribers will receive a ‘subscribers only’ rate for this 1-on-1 online coaching program.

In the meantime, grab your free copy of ’10 Commandments of Fat Loss’ below to learn the principles of fat loss and stay tuned for more details in the next couple weeks. 

Let’s crush carbs and get lean together, whaddya say?

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