The Best Fitness Reads of the Week (2/26)

Every Sunday, I’ll be sharing my picks of the top fitness reads from around the net.

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Articles by Me

A Beginner’s Guide to Calorie Counting to Look Better Naked

Top Articles of the Week

  1. From Couch To Courageous: How I Learned How To Embrace Yes  via Jen C
  2. Let’s Be Honest – The Body You’re Going For, Doesn’t Exist via Lee B
  3. Advanced Plank Variation for Stronger Abs via Ryan W (me)
  4. The Pros and Cons of Online Training via Tony G
  5. 5 Biological Adaptations To Fat Loss You Need To Know via Steve H
  6. The Broccoli and Cookie Conundrum via Aadam A
  7. DB Complexes for Fat Loss and Definition via Ryan W (me)
  8. Stop Using Detoxes and Cleanses via Jordan S
  9. 9 Processed Foods You Should Be Eating via Mike S
  10. The Magic Happens Outside Your Comfort Zone via Ryan W (me)

Sunday Quick Tip

The scale can be one of the most dreaded aspects of fitness.

A *lot* of people are afraid to step on the scale. And that’s ok.

But what’s most important to remember is that the scale is just a tool to show whether your bodyweight is going up or down.

It does NOT define who you are. It doesn’t tell the whole story of your progress. It’s just a tool to track body weight over a period of time.

An online client recently sent me this text:

She’s feeling better but got discouraged simply because the scale number was up a bit.

You know what my response was to her?

“Screw the scale!” (slightly different language was used haha)

The bottom line is that the scale can be a useful tool, but you shouldn’t get upset if the number isn’t changing for a little bit, or it goes up slightly.

Remember that fitness is a journey and you’ve just got to keep on moving forward.

Keep doing your best and working as hard as you can.

Do NOT equate your self-worth or measure your fitness progress only by the number on the scale.

Keep on getting after it 🙂

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